TAL Patient Bracelet (Wristband Id) 

For Patients & Residents in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers & Home Care 

Patient bracelets, also known as hospital wristbands or patient ID wristbands, play a crucial role in  patient safety and accurate identification. These wristbands are designed to improve patient ID accuracy, operational efficiency (scanning), and safety. They are used to identify patients, provide essential medical information, and prevent errors in healthcare processes. Let's explore some key aspects of the TAL Patient Bracelet.

TAL Braclet Features
TAL Patient Bracelet

Bracelet Features

  • Adjustable and Durable Wristband
  • Anti-Bacterial & Waterproof
  • Barcode & NFC Scanning Support
  • Colored Risk Pins  (Inserts)
  • Durable TPU Soft Plastic ​
  • Life Style Design
  • Read / Store Data to NFC
  • Secure Locking with Snap Rivits
  • TAL Assessments  (Optional)


TAL Patient Bracelet
TAL Patient Bracelet​

Comfort & Waterproof

​Band is a soft TPU plastic, gentle on the skin and anti-bacterial injected. Barcodes and NFC provide for quick identification scanning and access to essential medical information.

The band cover creates a waterproof housing to protects the label from water and abrasion damage. Designed as a lifestyle bracelet similar to a Disney Band remove the negative viewpoint of wearing a patient hospital Wristbands.

TAL Patient Bracelet

Kit & Refill Kits

The Bracelets are shipped in a carrying case which contains all the parts to assemble several Bracelets with colored risk pins.

The Barcode Label is placed on the base and a plastic cover is snapped over the the base to secure the label in a waterproof case.

The bracelet is placed on the patient's wrist and secured by pressing the Snap Locks together. The bracelet can be trimmed to size with a scissor. One is provided in the kit.

Scanning Options
TAL Patient Bracelet

Barcode & NFC Scanning

Printed barcode labels are placed on the face of the bracelet and a waterproof cover snaps over the label to protect it. Any type of barcodes (1D, 2D or QR) can be used and there is space for added information such as room and name.

The bracelet contains an embedded NFC chip scannable with NFC readers or Smartphones. In addition, the NFC chip can store several hundred characters of information for immediate or offline access.

Colored Risk Pins
TAL Patient Bracelet

Critical Condition Indicators

Small Color Risk Pins with Round heads can be inserted into special holes on the bracelet to flag essential medical conditions. Six holes are located on either side of the bracelet to provide a view regardless of the orientation of the patient's wrists. The pins are removable.

The bracelet holes are designed so the heads of the pins drop below the surface of the band making it difficult for the wearer to pry out the pins.  

Snap Buttons
TAL Patient Bracelet

Removal Protection

Geriatric patients are known to tamper and play with their bracelets until they are damaged or removed. The TAL Bracelets are secured using a patented Locking Snap which when pressed together mate and lock.  To separate the snap requires 35 pounds of force which cannot be exerted by a person’s fingernails. 

It can be removed with a bandage scissors by cutting the stem. The Bracelet can be reattached using a new pair of snaps

TAL Emergency Cloud Service
Emergency Preparedness

TAL Emergency Cloud Service

Our TAL Emergency Cloud Services will always have the current data and will update the Bracelet with the most current data every time the bracelet is read with a Smart Device or Phone.

FC-Enabled Smartphones can access/update the NFC chip data.  Emergency EMR data can be housed on the internal NFC chip to provide Emergency Responders quick reference Critical  Transportation Assistance Level Data (TAL) and Essential Care instructions for the patient.

Emergency Planning

Emergency Preparedness

Instant Readiness to Evacuation Patients. Scan TAL Patient Bracelet to retrieve critical information about the patient.

  • EMS Access to TAL Assessment Levels
  • View Transport Info & Equipment list
  • View Patient Destination
  • View Patient’s Last Location
  • View Patients Evacuated
  • Assessments stored on NFC
  • ​Family Access to Patient Location

Bracelet EMR Compatibility
EMR Integration

EMR Compatibility

The bracelet’s embedded NFC integrates with the facility’s EMR and provides for barcode scanning functions compatible with most existing EMR systems.

Barcode scans are used to select the Patient and scan the services or tasks being performed. Hospital studies have found that barcode scanning increases accuracy by 98% and reduces data entry time by 30%.