TAL Emergency Cloud Service & App

Planning for Emergencies & Coordinating Evacuations

TAL Cloud Service supports with the TAL Patient Bracelet to provide emergency responders with immediate access to critical transport information needed to move or transfer the patient safely.

The TAL assessment data updates the TAL Bracelet NFC chip each time the user taps the Bracelet with their smartphone. TAL Data provide details on the patient's needs when transporting them to another facility or a safehouse. EMS respnders can access the TAL data using their Smartphones, providing for positive identification of the patient and their needs.

TAL Patient Bracelet

TAL Assessments

To protect patients with limited mobility, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) instituted the Transportation Assistance Level (TAL) policy in 2016. Under this mandate, all home health care and nursing home providers are required to assess a patient's ability to move independently and consider these limitations when building emergency response plans.

TAL Assessments are critical for Emergency Personnel to know what is necessary to transfer the patient to another facility or emergency shelter.

TAL Patient Bracelet

EMS Access & Tracking

Emergency responders can quickly lookup emergency transportation instructions by tapping the patient’s bracelet with their Smartphones.

The TAL Assessment color coded results will display anytime the bracelet is Tapped with a Smartphone.

 the Cloud Services records – Who, When and Where this action took place. This provides a detailed log of the patients whereabouts and who was with the. The location of the patient will display with the address and Google Map

TAL Patient Bracelet

Emergency Management

Some states have mandated nursing homes and home health providers to maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan in the event patients need o be evacuated from their home or facility. As part of the planning, New York State implemented a system that is used throughout the state employing standardized Transportation Assistance Level (TAL) classifications.

The TAL classifications are derived from an assessment tool used to identify the patient's mobility level specific conditions and needs that need to be addressed during a planned evacuation, to ensure the appropriate transportation resources are deployed.