Download Specification Sheets

The table below contains all the marketing specification sheets for download. just click on the document name to download the PDF file. You will need an installed PDF viewer. Most modern browsers include a PDF Viewer or a free PDF reader can be downloaded from Adobe Website.

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HIPAA Amplified Features and Functions of HIPAA Amplified 

NFC-Id Tags
 Features and Function of the Personal Identification Tag 

NFC Medical Alert Tags
Features and Functions of NFC Medical Alert Tag 

 NFC Pet Tags
 Features and Functions of the NFC Pet Tag

SmartTV Bed Board Features and Functions of the SmartTV Bed Board

SmartTV Kanban View Features and Functions of the Bed Board Kanban Application

SmartTV Whiteboard Features and Functions of the SmartTV 

TAL Patient Barcode Use Cases
Describes the common Barcode Scanning ​uses of the TAL Patient Bracelet. 

​TAL Patient Bracelet (Wristband)Describes the Features and Functions of the Patient Bracelet

EMS-TAL Cloud ServicesDescribes the Functions of the Bracelet when used with the TAL Emergency Cloud Service

TAL Data Collector AppDescribes how Data is collected and passed to the other computer systems.