Data Collector Application

NFC Scanning & Barcode Scanning

One of the most effective ways of adding accuracy and speed to your data entry processes.

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Scanning Equipment Needed
Barcode Scanning Data Capture

Equipment is Needed

  • Smart Device (phone or notepad)
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • TAL Patient Bracelet
  • Wireless Network Available

Data Acquisition Steps
Data Capture

4 Easy Steps

  1. ​Scan Barcode to select the Data to Collect (template to use).
  2. Scan TAL Patient Bracelet to Select the Patient.
  3. Auto-acquire data from the testing device or enter the Data manually.
  4. Press Send Button to transmit the Data.

Data Transmission Methods
Data Capture

Methods of Transmitting Data

  • WiFi Network - Wireless Network
  • Cell Phone Data Network
  • Bluetooth Connect & Data Transfer
  • USB Docking & Transfer

Saving Time
Scanning Benefits

Rapid Data Entry Saves Time

NFC/Barcode scanning is a technology that uses a machine-readable chips or code to identify patient, products, packages, or other items. Barcode scanning has become a widespread practice in many industries, from retail to healthcare, and it has been shown to increase productivity in a number of ways: .

Accuracy of Scanning
Scanning Benefits


Barcode scanning is also more accurate than manual data entry. With barcode scanning, there is little room for error, as the scanner is able to read the barcode and instantly capture the correct information. This reduces the risk of mistakes and eliminates the need for rework or corrections.

Speed Benefits of Scanning
Scanning Benefits


Barcode scanning is much faster than manual data entry. By scanning a barcode, employees can instantly capture data such as product information, pricing, and inventory levels. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors associated with manual data entry.

Data Capture Templates

Data Capture

Definable Task Templates

In order to handle different types of data capture scenarios the system provides for defining the type of transaction and its data fields (template(. With these user defined items any task tracking workflow can be implemented. 

Summary of Scanning Benefits
Scanning Benefits

Summary of Benefits

Achieve 20-30% reduction in task recording time

  • ​Capture Data in 4 Simple Steps
  • Collect data via scanning Barcodes
  • Collect Data Via Scanning NFC chips
  • Integrate with EMR & ERP Systems
  • More Accurate Data Collection
  • Point-of-Care Data Acquisition
  • ​Support Smart Devices
  • Unlimited Data Capture Forms

RabbitMMQ Broker
Cloud Service

Capture & Forward Data

Data captured by the Data Capture App is transmitted to a Cloud service where it is placed on Rabbit MMQ System. The MMQ routes the messages to the appropriate systems (destinations).

RabbitMMQ provides for extreme scaling of the data capture applications.