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Our technology solutions use SmartTVs and NFC technologies. The software applications provide solutions to display critical information to assist in accurate and rapid data entry.  Low cost and highly effective additions to reduce data entry time, increase accuracy, create situational awareness and improve workflows. Enhance your workflows today!

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Business-Commercial Products & Solutions

Image of Smart Whiteboard with a grid

SmartTV Whiteboards

  • ​Next Generation Whiteboards
  • Excel & Slide Templates
  • Use Google & Microsoft Spreadsheets
  • Multiple SmartTV Support

To use the SmartTV Whiteboards all you need to know is how to use Excel or Google Slides. Enter the data into the Spreadsheet and it displays on the SmartTV.

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SmartTV e-Sign with a Resturant Menu

SmartTV e-Signage

  • Low Cost Large Format Signage
  • GoogleTV & Chromecast Technology
  • Ads, Posters & Videos
  • SmartTV HD & 4K Support

Use low cost SmartTVs to create beautiful signage art and dashboards to enhance your environment and business workflows. 

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3 Compliance screens

Compliance Posters

  • Labor Law Touch Screen Kiosk
  • Compliance Posters
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Google Android Devices

Avoid penalties with a Kiosk that automatically downloads the latest posters in the languages that you require.

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Healthcare Products & Solutions

SmartTV Bed Board

​SmartTV Bed Board  

  • Bed Occupancy
  • Reservations & Planned Discharges
  • Status Tags & Badges
  • Schedule Admissions, Discharges

Improve situational awareness by displaying real-time view of the Beds and Vacancies. Handle ADT Activity with ease and quickly. 

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TAL Patient Bracelet (Wristband)

TAL Patient Bracelet (Wristband)

  • Permanent Patient Wristband
  • USA Patent 
  • Barcode & Embedded NFC Chip
  • Dual Scanning Options

A permanent Patient wristband for identification, data collection and emergency readiness. The Apps integrate with existing EMR software solutions.

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3 Step to Collect Data

Smart Device Data Collector Apps

  • Barcode & NFC Scanning
  • Collect Data at Point-of-Care 
  • Library of Input Forms
  • Use Smart Devices - Phones & Notepads

Patient wristband for identification, data collection and emergency readiness. The technology integrates with existing EMR software solutions.

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Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Preparedness

  • TAL Emergency Cloud Service
  • TAL Patient Bracelet App (EMS-TAL)
  • TAL Emergency Communications
  • TAL Patient Location Tracking

Cloud Service for Emergencies. Nursing and emergency personal can scan patients bracelets to determine what needs to be done to evacuate the patient. Every scan tracks the progress of the evacuation.

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NFC Medical Tags

NFC Tagging Solutions

Update and Retrieve information from NFC Tags using your Smartphone or Smart Device. NFC tags can record, track and report on tagged assets. Download the Smartphone app by scanning the QR codes printed on the NFC Tags.

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Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Integration Services

  • APIs
  • HL7 / FHIR / XML
  • MIRTH, RabbitMQ
  • Webhooks & Websockets

 Experience the magic of real-time data access, supercharged workflow automation, and peak operational efficiency. Dive into the future and let us transform your cloud vision into a dynamic reality!

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