Labor Law Compliance Kiosk

 Online Library of Required Government Posters

  • Access Compliance Posters Via Touch
  • Communicate with HR – Submission Grievances & Suggestions
  • Federal, State & Local Government Poster Compliance
  • Library of Government Notices
  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Online/Off-line Operation
  • Supplement Folders for Emergencies, First Aid & Well-Being
  • Updates via Cloud Services

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Images of 3 Kiosks Function & Poster

Free to Use Web Version: Labor Law Compliance Kiosk

Free to use after agreeing to our EULA. Some of the advanced features available on the Kiosk are not available on this web version of the software. A subscription is needed to enable the multiple language, read out loud and full set of the government posters from all the different departments.

Online Labor Law Kiosk

Image Compliance
Labor Law Kiosk

Poster Compliance 

Federal, State County and City Laws require employers to post notices of employment laws and notices in employee accessible workplaces. 

In some instances, notices for required for applicants. Notices/posters are updated frequently by the government agencies and need to be updated regularly.  With thie Kiosk all Posters will be available and updated continuously periodically from our cloud services.

Image of Agencies issuing Posters
Posters from Government Agencies


Various Federal Government agencies require Posters depending on the type of business. Once you setup the company, business type and address, the Kiosk determines the legal documents and posters that need to be available for the employees.  Your kiosk is ready to use.

Image First Aid Posters
First Aid Posters

First Aid Instructions

The Kiosk is usually placed in an area readily accessible to the employees. It has a small footprint so it can be deployed in areas with little or no wall space.

In the event of medical emergency, a user can access with instructional posters such as First Aide posters complete with directions and illustrations of the procedures.

Image Wellness Poster
Employee Heath Folder

Wellness Posters

Wellness posters are visual displays designed to promote various aspects of health and well-being. Their main aim is to educate, inspire, and motivate employees to make positive choices regarding their health. 

Image Compnay Polices
Company Folder

Company Notices & Policies

The Corporate version of the application provide company specific folders to contain the companies Notices and Policies available for the employee to access.

Image Email & SMS Messages
Communication Functions

Grievances & Suggestions

Employees can send the company suggestions and grievance messages via eMail or SMS messaging. 

The User can allow email the posters and notices as PDF attachments to user supplied eMail accounts,

Emergency Support Folder

Emergency Instructions

Special Emergency folder containing PDF instructions for severe life threatening events, such as Hurricanes, Earth Quakes, Fires and Floods.

The government instruction sheets provide guidance on what to do and critical issues to be aware of.

Image of Gravel and Money Fines

Non-Compliance Fines

Penalties for Non-Compliance

The EEOC is charged with enforcement and punishment of businesses that do not comply with labor law posting requirements. If your company mistakenly or intentionally fails to properly display labor law posters, you could face stiff penalties:

  • FMLA violation: $189.
  • OSHA violation: $14,502.
  • EPPA violation: $23,011.
  • EEOC violation: $612.
Image API Interface
Third Party Interfaces

API Interfaces

 API calls are available to upload notices and reports to the Kiosk. This enables your organization with a method of uploading any documents to a Company folder for your employees. Company notices and Policies can be loaded to

Connect you HR System to the kiosk to extend the H/R access to employes to the HR system. Any PDF documents can be uploaded to the company folders.