NFC Pet Tags

Easy and Inexpensive way to tag your beloved pets.

Return and Care Information all on the same tag.

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NFC-Pet Tags
NFC Chip​

NFC-Pet Tags

Attach the tag to your pet and they can be identified by anyone with access to a Smartphone. Once the Tag has been scanned you will be alerted as to Who, Where and When the Tag was Read.


Dogs and Cats
NFC Chip Technology


  • Embedded NFC Read/Write Chip
  • Extensive Contact Info & Medical Conditions 
  • Notifications of Reads
  • Permanent & Waterproof
  • Store Return Instructions & Medical Alerts
  • Update Tags with a Smartphone

NFC Structure
NFC Chip Technology

Brief Explanation

NFC  Tags that hold up to 888 bytes of Contact or information. This data coupled with our TAL Cloud Service provides access to your pets ownership and other messages of importance. The data on the NFC chip has the critical Return information. Once your pet’s contact has been read via a Smartphone, the Smartphone can connect to our TAL Cloud Service which can access necessary information.