SmartTV White Board

Goodbye, Whiteboards

Replace traditional Whiteboards with large SmartTV 4k wireless screens. Use your Smart device or PC to update the SmartTV in real-time. Color coded icons can be defined. View and Update multiple screens simultaneous to improve your workflow process. Experience this new technology that leverages the SmartTV and wireless networking technology to provide you with an easy to manage and flexible SmartTV Board

Improve Workflow/Productivity

Set Cleanup Tag to alert maintenance and housekeeping when a room requires services. Improves communications and response times by providing a heads up display of the status that is shareable between the departments.

Graphical Templates

Select the SmartTV Whiteboard layout from several pre-designed formats or provide your own format. A color coded Room-Bed map displays the occupants on a large wide screen 4k SmartTV. Determine at a glance, room-bed status via several available indicator flags.

Manage Assets

Identify available Assets and track their utilization.

Multiple SmartTVs Support

Control multiple SmartTVs and share information throughout the organization. As data changes the displays are updated to reflect the changes.

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