SmartTV Media Manager

Retour Cloud Services

Retour Cloud Services allow users to control the content displayed on Android TVs. SmartTVs can be enabled by inserting a Google Chromecast Gen III into a SmartTV or Monitor. Create your content with any software apps provide by your Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts. Use the Publish function to generate the content and publish it to the Web. Published Content provides a link that is used to direct the cloud service what is to be displayed on which TV screen.

Access/Update Display Content

View and edit your content from your phone or tablet. Use Google optimized mobile apps to sync with the facility calendars. Changes to the calendar are Pushed to the SmartTV display automatically. By allowing employees to use the application tools they’re already familiar with. Create almost any content to display quickly.

Calendar Survey Compliance – Resident Activity Schedule

Most states require facilities to post Resident Event/Activity Calendars to be displayed on each nursing unit and throughout the facility. Keeping multiple calendars up-to-date is time consuming. Now all the calendars can be updated instantly. Just go into your Google/Apple/Microsoft Account. Update the Resident Calendar and save the change to auto-update the screens with new data.

Calendar Views

Change the format to display events— daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views. You can even view calendars side-by-side. Get a quick look at the events and activities of a single day from any calendar view.

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