SmartTV Media Manager

Low Cost Visual Display System

A low cost hardware/software package enables employees to display of colorful Event Calendars with content material they create and published on the Internet. Published Calendars are displayed on wireless Large Screen SmartTVs located in a facility.

Access/Update from your laptop, tablet or phone

View and edit your Events from your phone or tablet. Use Google optimized mobile apps to sync with the facility calendars. Changes to the calendar are Pushed to the SmartTV display automatically. The same Event Calendars can be embedded on your website. By allowing employees to use the tools they are already familiar with, they’re able to adapt quickly and jump right into creating beautiful Event Calendars that can be instantly updated and displayed around the facility.

DOH Calendar Survey Compliance

Most states require facilities to post Event Calendars on each nursing unit and other open areas throughout the facility. These calendars contain the monthly activities and events available for the residents and their families. Keeping multiple calendars up-to-date is time consuming tasks. Now all the calendars can be updated instantly.

Calendar Views

Select the format to display events— daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views. You can even view calendars side-by-side. Get a quick look at the events and activities of a single day from any calendar view.