Real-Time Location Sensing


RTLS uses software and Wi-Fi tags to quickly track and report on the location and position of your assets and people. The ADL RTLS application leverages the location engine embedded into Motorola Switches and access points. The Motorola engine works with the hardware tags of 3 other RTLS solution providers: AeroScout, Ekahau and Newbury Networks.

Standard WiFi Network

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi/802.11 network to deliver real-time, accurate and reliable location visibility with 8 to 15 feet accuracy. This means you can use your existing WiFi networks as Active RFID readers, without having to install a single-purpose, high-cost, network infrastructure. This keeps costs low and installation simple. WiFi RFID is the technology of choice for real-time location systems (RTLS).

Low Impact on Existing Networks

Wi-Fi RFID tags, AeroScout utilizes methods that do not require tag-reader association in order to communicate. This increases tag battery life, and reduces the strain on the WiFi networks.

Chokepoint Capability – Egress/Ingress

Some customers need more real-time triggered alerts at the precise moment when a tag passes through a doorway. Active RFid tags known as Low Frequency Exciters are available with a unique features that transmits a WiFi message when in range of a specific and confined area. These devices are mainly used for immediate egress/ingress detection.

Click here to read a white paper on the ROI of RTLS systems.

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